Deutsche Hochschulstiftung

German University Foundation


The Deutsche Hochschulstiftung supports selected universities, colleges, and institutes of higher learning across Europe. They promote broader access to education for German graduates, in particular in underrepresented disciplines. Some of their current projects include:

  • 2016: Funding the creation of an endowment chair in the medical department to support the current educational programme and increase the number of students that can be accepted into the programme.
  • 2017: Creating and funding a university institute in the law department to support the education of the next generation of qualified legal professionals in Europe.
  • 2017: Promoting a high quality private programme in natural sciences to help increase the limited capacity for students at state schools.

Another important part of their work is to support post-secondary education among qualified and motivated secondary school graduates and university applicants.

  • Providing grants to cover the printing costs of dissertations and other scientific publications.
  • Awarding scholarships for study and research.
  • Supporting the mobility of applicants who have been accepted into underrepresented disciplines in another European country, relieving some of the pressure on the shortage of university places in Germany.
  • Developing an application procedure for universities that focusses on applicants’ motivation and aptitudes.

We welcome suggestions for physical or theoretical projects from students and secondary school teachers, as well as from universities, colleges, institutions or professional bodies (such as the Medical Chamber, Bar Association etc.).

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